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Tahitian Keshi pearl pendants- as good as they get!

tahitian keshiWe bought a few of these glorious Tahitian Keshi pearls some months ago-  lovely surface, VG lustre and drop shapes- size approx 18x13x11mm, which is about as large as the Tahitian Keshi get- (their oyster shell size is typically only about 15-20cm, whereas Australia’s Pinctada maxima is usually in the 20-30cm range, with usually at least twice the internal volume available for oyster & pearl growth).


Both of these we have set into 18ct yellow gold, with heavy handmade squares, and a solid pin drilled well into the pearls. The left hand one is your fairly typical dark green/black  Tahitian Pearl colour, whereas the RHS pearl is a lighter grey in colour, and slightly variegated.

Both available (21/4/14) at $850, including a 3mm nitrile neckring with sterling bayonet fitting.


Very happy to shoot these out to you for perusal- comparable pearl quality may be available at eg Rutherfords, for Melbourne people,  but we suspect that you would be paying more than twice the price!