Price: $13200

Superb 34ct Crystal Opal/18ct Gold Pendant


This quite lovely piece of crystal opal, from the Olympic Field, at Coober Pedy, has been, for quite obvious reasons, in the Miner’s collection for the last 20 years- securely set into tendrils of 18ct gold (metal wt 12gm) on the field, it has been reluctantly put up for sale.

Opal of this quality and in large chunks, are only very rarely seen these days- it would have to be the best that I have handled in 40 years of experience with Coober Pedy crystal opal-  (we have another piece in stock, from Painter’s Field, of similar weight,  but not a patch on this)

Notoriously difficult to photograph well, this piece shows full colour and lovely pattern from the front, with large flashes of blue/green and red/yellows coming from the (marginally) better back

Photo 02 shows the green flash of the back surface particularly well, as well as the transmitted red colour in the background, characteristic only of high transparency crystal opal.

Recently sold-dang!