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Pulled a sickie, and snuck out for a day on the Derwent

Jorge and I ducked out a couple of Fridays ago to sail back up the Derwent from the Iron Pot with several of the Tall Ships visiting Hobart (www.tallshipsfestival2013.com/).  Pictured is the Europa,  one of three Dutch Tall Ships currently in Australia, with Bruny Island in the background-  It was a lovely day,  with a glorious reach back up to Hobart.

Today’s festival on Sydney Harbour, as part of the Australian Navy’s International Fleet Review should be quite spectacular,  particularly if one of our two daughters up in Sydney for the weekend  follows her Aunty Di’s specific instructions to hurl herself into the water somewhere near Prince Harry’s boat-(they’re evidently both out on the water for part of the day,  attending Ame’s wedding)