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Intense, fancy ,Bright Yellow diamond ring- Valentine’s Day, kneepad Job.

Goce was passing the shop late in January,  liked what he saw,  and popped in to discuss Intense Yellow, Princess-cut diamonds-  then he mentioned the need for him to have the ring in Sydney for 14th Febuary, which, to my shame, I did not realise was Valentine’s Day- His intention was to extract the full shilling of the surprise aspect when he got down on his knees,  so we had to guess the size-  got it spot on, as it happens-




We had quite a lot of trouble finding what Goce wanted-  plenty of fairly ordinary yellow diamonds out there,  but the really bright “fancy intense yellow”, as graded by GIA are thin on the ground- (most would be coming from the Ellandale mine in WA,  but Tiffany snaffle the bulk of their production).  This one came in at 0.46ct weight,  was A VG SI1 clarity, GIA certified, but most importantly, a lovely bright, medium yellow colour- (we got in several others, just over the half-carat,  but had to go along with Toad’s judgement when he sighted his first “motor”-  that of “nasty, canary-coloured cart”.

Goce’s budget was about the $4,000 figure,  but we had to squeeze him a little harder than that, so set the diamond into 18ct yellow gold, on a fairly sturdy rose gold Mobius Band-  the young lady was evidently delighted-(who could resist  such an approach on valentine’s Day), and we got an appreciative email back from Goce.