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Hollow Sterling Silver Armring- the real McCoy! no stuffing around- “Absolute Waterfront”

We make these in the time-honoured traditions of the silversmith’s trade-  these are hollow, fabricated from two 30mm sheets of silver-the outer sheet is 1mm thick, and joined with a lapped joint over about a 2mm bevel, the inner 0.8mm sheet, just to keep the weight down a little, and is joined with a butt joint-  a few more piccies of their making may be useful- the bottom thumbnail shows the shaping up of the outer, just with hammer into a depression in a stump-  a further stage shows the planishing of the outer, over a specially shaped steel stake-  the planishing lines run around the outer radially, each overlapping the last line by about 1/3-  the resulting soft linear pattern of smoothening hammer marks are left on the outside after careful polishing, and are an integral part of the making of the piece,  not just a few dings added to make the piece look “handmade/hammered”.  A further stage shows the two shells being fitted together, accomplished by slowly stretching the inner sleeve, with hammer, over a suitable steel stake, until both sides are a tight press fit, when they can be soldered,  filed and polished.



The finished armrings generally weigh in at 125-150gm, depending on size,  and cost from $750.00.

You might like to read what Oriana, from melbourne, had to say about her armring, purchased in August, last year;

Dear Geoff,

I do apologize for taking so long to reply after receiving my beautiful bangle, the call of gardening with Spring approaching has been too great. I wear my bangle at every opportunity and am constantly being complimented on it and being asked “where did you get it?” I have spent the last 10 years (at least) searching for my silver bangle, looking in the windows of every jeweller’s and estate jeweller’s I came across not only in Victoria but also interstate. A few years ago I found my large gold bangle in a estate jewellers’ but the perfect silver bangle still eluded me.
Last year, approaching my 60th. birthday I decided to celebrate my birthday in New York and on December 22nd I would go into Tiffany’s in New York and select a silver bangle, I presumed that surely I would find one there. I arrived in New York on December 14th and was due to return on December 27th, 2 weeks of perfect white winter Christmas sightseeing (New York does Christmas very well) and had a ball for 12 days. On the morning of my birthday, Dec 22nd, I got dressed up befitting the occasion and walked in the doors of Tiffany’s, prepared to spend any amount on my bangle because to tell the truth I was tired of searching. They had 5 floors- how hard could it be?
I visited and re-visited the jewellery floors so many times that the security guards were starting to follow me (they are not subtle) and became so dis-spirited that in the end I decided to settle on a silver bracelet and waited for my turn to be served. I tried the bracelet but it was a little tight and the assistant said it could be enlarged; I told him I was leaving on the 27th and if it wasn’t ready could it be delivered to my Melbourne add. No. Could it be sent to Tiffany’s in Melbourne and I would pick it up from there. No. I will give him his due and say that he made many phonecalls to try and have the bracelet ready before my departure on the 27th, after the last attempt, he came back to me and shook his head. I remember exactly what I said to him- ” thank you very much for trying so hard to have it ready on time but I guess it is just not meant to be.” I left and decided I would give up on my dream bangle entirely. The rest of my holiday was great, on the night of the 26th., packed for my departure very early the next morning and ended up at the airport that evening because there was a BLIZZARD starting and I was hoping to get an earlier flight out. New York does blizzards very very well. No-one was going anywhere and by next lunchtime the snowdrifts were up to the plane’s belly. JFK airport was in lockdown and I and a few other thousand passengers went hunting for food and water. Keep in mind that if no-one or anything can leave the airport, no-one gets in and food ran out by 11am the next morning. Even Macs, KFC, Subway etc etc.
I, being an Aussie, managed to not only find food and water, but also discovered on my walk-about how to get out, get to terminal 7 ( we had all been herded into terminal 4 ) to rebook my flight home and hopefully get back to Manhattan, find accomadation again (new years coming, are you serious?) . To cut a long story short, I ended up spending another 5 days in New York before I could get a flight home.
If I had ordered the bracelet ( I know, it is crazy reasoning) on the 22nd, it would have been ready for my new departure date. Even though I wasn’t really happy with my choice. IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE.  After my return (adventure!) I set about planning my next dream holiday, riding my motorcycle ( a 150cc motor scooter ) around Tasmania for a month; I had a few more adventures on this trip ( they seek me out, I’m sure but it was a personal challenge ) and on my very last free day, spent the day at Salamanca Market and around the port before travelling North the next day. I don’t know why I stopped to look in your window as after New York I had stopped looking in jeweller’s windows BUT I DID. AND THERE IT WAS. MY DREAM SILVER BANGLE. The rest is history.
Keep well and thankyou again for my precious, cheers, Oriana.