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Helping “Smokin Joe” & Tony with the “Heavy Lifting”

We thought it timely,  in view of the paucity of serious comment on the budget from the small business sector, to attempt some small contribution to help get us over this “budget emergency” that Australia evidently finds itself in-

Being very aware that we all need to be “lifters,  not leaners”, our proposal is that we enlist the assistance of Hobart Ports, who are well cashed up at the moment from flogging/leasing most of our docklands to developers-DSC_0012

The attached pic is of the tarted up steam-crane that guards the entrance to Constitution dock-  I walk past it every morning, perambulating to work-  it sits just 20m from where Wild Oats ties up briefly every year,  having won line honours in the Sydney-Hobart.

The crane was probably superannuated more than 75 years ago,  but is just biding it’s time-  anxious to do it’s bit for the country, and it was designed for heavy lifting, unlike our knackered 70 year old pensioners and retirees.

We are proposing that Hobart Ports round up a few old boilermakers from their chairs in the sun on their verandahs,  and get the thing fired up again-  we could use coal from the Bowen Basin-  I’m sure Gina & Clive would happily donate a shipload or two-  (they’re not going to be able to sell it to the Chinese!)- and as the old rugby song went-”the whole darn thing was driven by Steam!”- climate change didn’t seem to loom large back then.

Hobart Ports would certainly be interested in leasing this to the Federal Govt for  short term budget relief,  and it’s heavy lifting capacity would take a bit of the pressure off the most disadvantaged Australians in our community.

The Gen Y’s out there would also be reassured with a bit of steam pressure back in the boiler-  the machine can’t be much more than 150 years old,  which, on extrapolation of recent changes, is about the age they’ll be able to tap any retirement benefits coming their way!