Price: $625

Free form Armring mit 18ct YG wrap


We’ve been forging these up in various forms for about 35 years-  this involves several annealings (torch to dull red heat, then quench or air cool), and as they are formed up into a ring first, to forge on a circular anvil,  the solder joint occasionally breaks (about one in four).  The joint was generally resoldered,  but occasionally we have re-joined them with a little flare to one or both sides, and for the last 12 months we have been adding a three strand wrap of 18ct yellow gold occasionally, or a few balls of 18ct rose gold. This makes the subsequent refiling and polishing a labour of love,  so we charge the proverbial “arm & leg” for the additional work involved, but it makes a very individual armring, as no two ever work out the same, and the rich 18ct yellow or rose gold tarts them up very classily-  a little black tarnish will build up in the corners of the wrap with time, to highlight the colour difference even more.