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Fitted Wedding/ Engagement bands- Mobius Themed

We’ve made a few of these over the years-  some have worked better than others-  main problem often seems to be that the recipient develops a twitch-  noticed this with our daughter, Lucy, several days ago- fair bit of rotating/alligning going on as displacement activity- could be worse, I guess- could be kicking the dog (or the children)

Will kick off with 18ct rose gold bands made for our eldest some years agoDSC_0090DSC_0008DSC 009



Lucy’s combo works well (from the feedback I get)-she had to manage with a CZ for the first 8 years, but she finds them comfortable and practical (main diamond approx .60ct- nothing startling re clarity & colour, but xxx for cut, symmetry & polish- side stones ea .10ct(3mm).

Second pic shows an 18ct yellow gold set made a few years ago, with only a relatively small diamond(1/4ct), and the wedding band fairly conformable-  $2,500 would just about cut the mustard with these today.

The third pic was of a pair just completed a couple of weeks ago, hence the post today-Natsuko & Darryn initially chose the metal band about 18 months ago, rose and yellow golds, designed to conform with a Mobius band with an offset 1/4ct stone-  they chose a lovely C6/C7 Argyle diamond- very warm colour-(about half the price of a white diamond of reasonable quality), and this was bezel-set into 18ct yellow gold, the band being again rose gold- worked very well, and they were delighted.