Warranty and Refund obligations

We guarantee unconditionally that terms supplied to you will be as stated on the website, i.e. that precious metal supplied will be as invoiced, and stamped according to Standards Australia legislation AS 2140 – 2008.

Geoff has been a long term Fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia, which has steadily worked over the last 15 years to achieve precious metal standards for Australia. In 2008, the Federal Government passed the necessary legislation, and an Australian Standard is now in place for precious metal)

Gemstone and Pearl Quality

We further guarantee the quality of the gemstones we use: we fully subscribe to the code of ethics of CIBJO [ww.cibjo.org]. CIBJO is the World Jewellery Industry’s conscience, domiciled in Switzerland. It’s concerns closely mirror those of Don Chipp, who in 1977, established the Australian Democrats party in Australia having been dumped from the Liberal Ministry by Malcolm Fraser. Chipp wanted to “keep the bastards honest” and CIBJO endeavours to do just that, whether it be urging complete disclosure of gemstone treatments, or seeking to alleviate the exploitation which is rife in the gemstone industry around the world.

To sum up, if the stone is treated, we will tell you: we do not work with synthetic gemstones.

If a pearl is freshwater (and we do use exceptional fresh-water pearls) we will tell you; if it’s grown in Indonesian waters, rather than Australian, we will also tell you that.