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Helping “Smokin Joe” & Tony with the “Heavy Lifting”

We thought it timely,  in view of the paucity of serious comment on the budget from the small business sector, to attempt some small contribution to help get us over this “budget emergency” that Australia evidently finds itself in- Being … more

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Fitted Wedding/ Engagement bands- Mobius Themed

We’ve made a few of these over the years-  some have worked better than others-  main problem often seems to be that the recipient develops a twitch-  noticed this with our daughter, Lucy, several days ago- fair bit of rotating/alligning … more

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Intense, fancy ,Bright Yellow diamond ring- Valentine’s Day, kneepad Job.

Goce was passing the shop late in January,  liked what he saw,  and popped in to discuss Intense Yellow, Princess-cut diamonds-  then he mentioned the need for him to have the ring in Sydney for 14th Febuary, which, to my … more

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Tahitian Keshi pearl pendants- as good as they get!

We bought a few of these glorious Tahitian Keshi pearls some months ago-  lovely surface, VG lustre and drop shapes- size approx 18x13x11mm, which is about as large as the Tahitian Keshi get- (their oyster shell size is typically only … more

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Just knocked up for Easter-Argyles/AAA Australian SSPl drops

Actually found the pearls last week, tucked away in a box-from a 2007 purchase-the classic drop shape- 11x13mm. Lovely surface quality- AAA grade, with excellent lustre also-  the best of Australia, so we teamed these with a pair of very … more

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Black Jade pendants; (just a little “Retro”)

We have so far made up just the three of these-  the first went to Corinne, back in the Spring of 2013-  Corrine and Jak had a couple of stones sourced on their last diving trip- (pink tourmaline/blue topaz), and … more

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Pulled a sickie, and snuck out for a day on the Derwent

Jorge and I ducked out a couple of Fridays ago to sail back up the Derwent from the Iron Pot with several of the Tall Ships visiting Hobart (www.tallshipsfestival2013.com/).  Pictured is the Europa,  one of three Dutch Tall Ships currently … more

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Hollow Sterling Silver Armring- the real McCoy! no stuffing around- “Absolute Waterfront”

We make these in the time-honoured traditions of the silversmith’s trade-  these are hollow, fabricated from two 30mm sheets of silver-the outer sheet is 1mm thick, and joined with a lapped joint over about a 2mm bevel, the inner 0.8mm … more

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