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Black Jade pendants; (just a little “Retro”)

We have so far made up just the three of these-  the first went to Corinne, back in the Spring of 2013-

DSC_0004 Corrine and Jak had a couple of stones sourced on their last diving trip- (pink tourmaline/blue topaz), and with a little leaning on the work that came out of Vienna around 1910,  we came up with this arrangement of textured 18ct yellow gold, 9ct white and rose gold, and a 10x30mm slab of Black Jade, which is a true nephrite jade, of very even texture, and which takes a lovely polish.

DSC_0001The second of these we made up with a superb 5.19ct pink Beryl (Morganite), trilliant cut, bezel set into rose & white gold, and this went to Brigitte-

DSC_0021The third pendant we were asked  to make was for Bob,  whose missus had managed to cope with his eccentricities (I’m sure only minor!) for the last 35 years-  Coral is evidently the designated token for 35 years of hard labour, so we found a lovely Momo red 10x12mm cabouchon, and paired this with the black nephrite jade, Rose gold & Sterling silver.DSC_0012


As of mid April, ’14, we havn’t quite finished with this black Jade- it’s lovely material, is actually Australian (most is mined and shipped to China). Pat (Brigitte’s partner), actually drives past the mine at Cowell, S.A., when he goes fishing in the St Vincents Gulf, so we have a lovely piece planned with a beautiful piece of dark opal from the “fifteen mile’ at Coober Pedy, Three Argyle Diamonds, and a slab of the jade-  we’ll pop a piccy up as soon as it comes together.