Photos: Jack Robert-Tissot

Geoff Roberts Goldsmith
Incomparable Quality of Design & Realisation

We are Studio Jewellers located in the historic docks precinct of Hobart, Tasmania. We produce contemporary jewellery of understated elegance; superbly functional, each piece is designed and made to endure for several generations.

Our special interests include the world’s best pearls, South Sea Pearls, particularly the baroque Keshis, which are coming out of the pure Northern waters of Australia, coloured gemstones including the cognac Argyle diamonds from WA, Ceylon Sapphire and Burmese Ruby, and Australia’s own “Queen of the Desert”, the Black and crystal opal from Lightning Ridge in NSW and Coober Pedy in SA.

These we often combine with laminated precious metal forms, many of which Geoff hand forges with hammer on anvil, utilising techniques which would extend back through the mists of time for at least five Millennia.

In this post GFC world, at the interface of Gutenberg and Zuckerberg, we see no need to further contribute to “stuff”– the disposable rubbish is available anytime from your high street jewellers and the jewellery chains.

The very gratifying feedback that we constantly get from a clientele dating back over the last 35 years suggests to us that we’re on the right track.

Please bear with us over the next few months, as Geoff will be adding content daily-  very much still a work in progress!